‘The Gang Gets Infected’

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‘The Gang Gets Infected’

The Gang, a group of five disparate friends living in Philadelphia, are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime when the city is struck by a mysterious virus. The virus turns those infected into mindless, violent zombies.

The Gang quickly realize that this is not just any ordinary virus and that the only way to survive is to stay together. Determined to make it out alive, they set off on a journey through the city in search of safety and ultimately, a cure.

The group soon find themselves stuck in one of the most dangerous parts of town with little food or resources and their only hope is an underground lab located beneath the city. After fighting their way past countless zombies and narrowly escaping death multiple times, the gang finally make it to the lab where scientists are working on a cure for the virus.

However, it soon becomes apparent that somehow they have also been infected with the virus. As they slowly turn into zombies, they must race against

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