The Always Sunny Podcast – The Gang Gets Racist – Transcript

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Charlie Day 0:00

anybody’s headphones are too loud, you can let me know. And I’ll drop the volume cut you. I like that we just go into this assuming you

Glenn Howerton  0:07

make it on the ones.

Charlie Day 0:09

I’m very, very impressed. You gotta hold next board match. Yes.

Glenn Howerton  0:13

What does that when when somebody says that somebody is on the ones and twos,

Rob McElhenney 0:16

some of them heard them before? What? Oh, really

Glenn Howerton  0:19

nagging on the ones and twos. You’ve heard that right. Yeah.

Rob McElhenney 0:21

Like turntables. Yeah.

Charlie Day 0:25

Turntable one turntable.

Rob McElhenney 0:26

So this is the show has begun. Oh, we started. Yeah. Okay. Well, we have no structure to it. So we’re, I think we’ll just, we’ll just talk,

Glenn Howerton  0:34

I think a structure will eventually emerge.

Rob McElhenney 0:37

But you’re gonna like the show. Yeah.

Glenn Howerton  0:40

You’re gonna have to sit through quite a few episodes before it gets good. Just like the show.

Rob McElhenney 0:44

That’s like the show. Yeah,

Charlie Day 0:45

I was telling Rob earlier just on a show related thing. That I had some queso cheese. Oh, on Sunday. Today’s Wednesday. Mm hmm. That day. Yeah. My stomach still hurts. Yeah. And so very unlike my character, I just can’t ever I should never go anywhere near cheese,

Rob McElhenney 1:03

but okay. This is a conversation that we have had this feeling. So keep doing keep doing Yes. We’ve had for 14 years I’m

Charlie Day 1:11

working early on. I didn’t know it was the cheese that was meant for me. Yeah, we knew it was something well, but you

Glenn Howerton  1:17

also but you had an aversion to creamy things you knew creamy things were related. But anytime anything creamy came across your plate you were like that this could be a problem. My husband was

Charlie Day 1:27

the lazy hunch like an alcoholic like I should probably stopped drinking. Like but doesn’t do anything. So I was just like eating cheese willy nilly. And then I stopped and started feeling better and then every now and then I just like well, I could probably do it now.

Glenn Howerton  1:41

It’s probably fine. Now my stomach is learned. Yeah. As as you get older your stomach generally. Right.

Rob McElhenney 1:47

I’ll take my stomach with cheese and cream. Right? Yeah, well, just like everything else. We had that conversation then try to figure out a way to put it into the show, which is what we did by making your character obsessed with cheese.

Glenn Howerton  1:58

Also, weirdly just it just seems like some things are just funny. And I the

Charlie Day 2:02

word Yeah, cheeses, phonies. Eggs. Eggs are fun acts are funny. You know what else is funny guys racism. By the way, I was thinking of this because I guess part of the structure is we’ll watch an episode and talk about it. So we just watched the first episode. And now we’re talking about we never had any intention of that being our first episode, right? Like,

Glenn Howerton  2:35

that was a second episode that was written?

Rob McElhenney 2:37

No, no, no. The second was Charlie wants an abortion. What’s the third one

Glenn Howerton  2:42

that was written out? No. Cancer, or abortion? Yes, no, no, it was originally called the gang gets hip. That was originally the title for the gang.

Charlie Day 2:53

feels less appropriate. But that was ethics was like no, we should lead off.

Rob McElhenney 2:58

Well, they thought that the gang gets racist would be more accessible. Be lievable. Now anybody that understands what we’re trying to do with the show recognizes what we’re trying to do with that particular episode. And I would venture to say that in a lot of ways we failed, it was, but that’s looking back on the lens of today as being 44. And being in 2021. And that was, I don’t know how old what year was that? 1983. The camera seems is yes, it was

Glenn Howerton  3:25

cameras suggest it was 1983. However, it was in fact, 2005

Rob McElhenney 3:30

air. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think our hearts were in the right places. But maybe, maybe there’s a couple of things in there, we’d probably adjust. So

Glenn Howerton  3:37

I think, you know, I think at that time, I think that we weren’t as conscious of the fact we knew we were making a show about bad people doing bad things and satirizing bad people doing bad things. And we certainly as people didn’t endorse their behavior, but at the same time, I don’t think we were quite as good at making it clear that the people who are creating the show are not also horrible people. I mean, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I mean, I can’t see it the way obviously the audience sees it.

Charlie Day 4:02

Well, so much of the show. And so much of the characters is about ignorance. Like so much of the comedy is coming from their, their ignorance, which is a byproduct of their arrogance, right. And so it’s kind of funny to see the collision of those two things. He’s super arrogant people who are like, Oh, I have these strong beliefs about why I’m right, mixed with this intense ignorance, and then you put that against the lens of race. It’s extraordinarily uncomfortable. But that was the show we were making. We’re like, well, let’s look at the things that we are all getting wrong. But then it’s tough. It’s a moving target. Things have changed so much to be like, well, even your way that you’re trying to say this is wrong. It’s wrong and maybe that’s fair. I don’t know if it’s fair. I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t know please don’t make me figure it all out. No, no, no smart enough. Smart. Can we all you know like tickets Good. Can you just say that they’ll never be in trouble like guys, I’m not smart enough. I’m

Glenn Howerton  4:56

too dumb to know what I’ve done. So know

Charlie Day 4:59

the answers of Now and the answers of 15 years in the future.

Rob McElhenney 5:02

Yeah, we can definitely admit that we were trying our best, right?

Glenn Howerton  5:07

Yeah. But but we did want to make a show. No, no, listen. All joking. We were definitely trying our best because we we were relentless.

Charlie Day 5:17

Welcome to our Sunday podcast apology tour. Yeah, we’re like, Okay, this one ah, look, how do we how do we broach this?

Rob McElhenney 5:25

No, there’s a lot of great stuff I that I absolutely stand by in that episode. I’d say Glenn Glenn’s drunk acting that was really scary for me. I remember being there on the day. Scary. What do you mean? Well, cuz I was like, Oh, shit, this guy’s good. And I’m like, just trying to keep up with him.

Glenn Howerton  5:41

I remember everybody talking about they were like, oh, and that was really good drunk acting or whatever else, like, very proud of myself or whatever. But that was like before Charlie had had a chance to do any like real drunk acting. And certainly Caitlin had and I mean, now it’s like, you guys just drunk acting blows mine out of the water.

Charlie Day 5:56

Danny on the plane when he’s trying to chug down those beers. Yeah, drunk acting is not that hard.

Rob McElhenney 6:03

It is. For me.

Charlie Day 6:04

I find it quite relaxing in general. A challenge a challenge. But that’s all the more impressive. We’re busting your boss. You’re very good.

Rob McElhenney 6:12

Well, you can see me just trying to keep up

Glenn Howerton  6:13

well, and that scene actually, I would argue great. And that’s I actually it’s one of my favorite scenes of yours in the early seasons. I was like to say for the record, like I’ve weirdly uncomfortable with my acting in the first two or three seasons of the show, like especially the first season like I just don’t think I’d found it yet. Like I was like, I think he was still like, so concerned with everything feeling real, that like wasn’t willing yet to embrace the absurdity of what it could be at times. A perfect example of that actually is something that I wanted to cut from the episode that is has become like one of the most iconic moments from the first season where my character is concerned at least in terms of comments I get but is that the boys are out tonight spin move that I do and I grabbed that dollar bill. I think I did that one take where I did that all the I didn’t do that in any other tech. I did that in one take just to make you guys laugh, just to do something outrageous, just to kind of, you know, mix things up. And then you guys wanted to put it in the show. And I was like no, no, no, no, that wasn’t meant to be in the show that was meant to make you guys laugh. That’s insane. That’s so broad. It’s so broad. We can’t put that in the show. And and you guys fought me on it fought me on it. Finally I was like, alright,

Charlie Day 7:18

but it’s because you are unguarded and free. Yeah, just, you know, offense think that it’s funny when it

Glenn Howerton  7:24

took me a couple years to learn that like, oh, no, no, that’s the that’s actually the thing is like, that should actually be my intention all at all times as an actor to try and make them laugh, to do something as outrageous and unexpected as possible so that I can make the people that I work with.

Rob McElhenney 7:40

That’s certainly what we all started to adopt. And that’s when the show got really fun when we stopped necessarily caring about what other people might think we should be doing with the show and just trying to make each other laugh.

Charlie Day 7:51

Quick shout out to Malcolm Barrett. Yeah, he’s the first episode. Yeah, it was Terrell who was my buddy from the Luis Guzman. shortlived sitcom that I think only three episodes aired. We shame in that show. Louie Louie. Yeah, Louie will Gluck show originally and Chris Miller and Phil Lord were writers on that. Were like staff writers. Oh my god. That was like these kinds of fine.

Rob McElhenney 8:12

I remember I came to the recording one of those episodes the first time I’d ever seen a television show recorded live. And PT PT Anderson was there while Thomas Anderson was outside and I smoked a cigarette near him.

Charlie Day 8:24

Yeah, because he likes high art and we were making Yeah, I

Glenn Howerton  8:27

have some kind of the highest art form related experience when I was doing that ad show. I got to share a cigarette with booger Oh, revenge of the nerds like which is kind of on the same on par with having a cigarette with Paul Thomas Anderson.

Rob McElhenney 8:40

Yeah, well, I again, I just want to be clear, I was near him while he was smoking. And I to his right. So we were sharing it

Glenn Howerton  8:52

was he fucking 10 years old? Yeah.

Charlie Day 8:56

Imagination scenario so season one, episode one.

Rob McElhenney 9:07

I mean, the show is so different without Danny. Yeah, yeah. It’s It’s so different. Without him. It’s like a completely well, certainly in this episode, for better or for worse, we are much closer to resembling actual human beings than what we then will be quickly become in season

Glenn Howerton  9:25

three or four. You mean in terms of our behavior? Yes. In terms of

Rob McElhenney 9:29

character behavior, like we’re presenting people who might actually exist, and even though that they’re the most terrible person on earth, they’re we’re still presenting them as being somewhat real. Yeah, they were

Glenn Howerton  9:39

much more grounded in like the actual reality of the world as opposed to what it became, which is kind of its own reality.

Charlie Day 9:46

Well, it’s a real bar and they want it to do better business and they hire this guy, and then it becomes a gay bar and they’re uncomfortable with that or they’re comfortable with that based on the profits. You’re uncomfortable. was even though you come out

Rob McElhenney 10:01

later, yes, I’m clearly the most my character is clearly the most homophobic in the story, which we then retroactively capitalized capitalized on seven seasons later, we realize, Oh, wow. But if we did, we did take a look through the behavior of the of the character over multiple seasons and thought, Oh, this is pretty demonstrative of something. Yeah. And then we we, we lean into that. Yeah.

Glenn Howerton  10:26

Yeah. It’s alright, man. We’re getting our sea legs. You know what I mean? Yeah. All right. Yeah. Got to get our sea legs here. Yeah, what we should take some calls. Let’s take some calls. Megan? Yeah, let’s take the first caller. Megan, who’s on the line. Oh, we got

Charlie Day 10:49

Hello. Yeah, I saw your first episode. Yeah, I think dogs pretty boring. And it mostly sucks. Yeah. Yeah. And I loved that. I watched all 14.

Rob McElhenney 11:04

I wonder, is there anybody at one point?

Charlie Day 11:07

That was not there, by the way? That was glad. I was glad.

Rob McElhenney 11:13

I won’t bore you guys looked over and tried to use it. Like, how can anybody watch this episode and be like, Okay, great. I’m in the next 14 years of the show, because there are truly some repugnant.

Charlie Day 11:26

Nobody is tougher on the show that I still think yeah, like, I think I think for I don’t know,

Glenn Howerton  11:31

I can’t I have a hard time watching that first season. It’s not even because I necessarily think it’s bad, I think I just don’t know. And my sensibilities have changed so much. Since we did that. I just, I look at everything. And I go, Oh, God, I would never do that. Now as an actor, as a writer or any, any any of it. I would never do any of that now. So so it’s hard for me to stand by it knowing that I would never, I would never do that now. And yet somehow people keep watching it. And I don’t know why. I truly don’t understand.

Rob McElhenney 12:01

Are there people out there? I do come across like fans who talk about like season one as being one of their favorite season? I don’t know. I don’t know.

Charlie Day 12:08

No, I don’t think so. I know. I feel like people are like, Oh, you’re finding it. This. There’s some great stuff in season one, some great moments, some great ideas about what the show is going to be

Rob McElhenney 12:22

wasn’t this Yes. This was the season where we had Anheuser Busch. They heard that we were making a show about a bar. Yes. And they and they were like, great. We’re gonna be the official beer of what Elliot. So we shot the whole first season with all the signage everywhere with Anheuser Busch, everybody, like light signs everywhere. And then we aired the first episode. And the next day, FX got a call and we’re like, we’re fully out. We’re fully out and FX because we already shot the entire season with all of the signage and Anheuser Busch was like, I’m sorry, we were out. Please blur it, or we’ll destroy Yeah, we’re out. And then our position was fuck you. You guys had the scripts. You read the script, then you should be fully in and then FX was like, No, fuck you. But we have a relationship with them. Like big Fox, like News Corp had a big relationship with them for the Super Bowl and an NFL football. And so we had to go in and digitally change them all to gobbly gook.

Glenn Howerton  13:21

Yeah, just just like, yeah, beer is

Charlie Day 13:24

weird, though. Now to watch the show 15 years later and be like, Budweiser gets it. They were right. Yeah, they’re right there ready to get their asses out of there. Feel like

Glenn Howerton  13:35

When did when did Coors come on board? Because then the care

Rob McElhenney 13:40

course came on board board years later once once audiences started to pick up on what Yeah, so they were like better business plan.

Glenn Howerton  13:48

It is. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s wait until people join us. Yeah, great. Well

Charlie Day 13:52


Rob McElhenney 13:53

Yeah. And I think our position was like, No, you guys don’t understand. This is satire. And then they were like, I don’t think you guys know what satire is. And we were like, yeah, maybe not. We are too dumb.

Glenn Howerton  14:03

We’ll show you. Then. 15 years later.

Rob McElhenney 14:06

We did. Mr. Anderson. Can you tell us what? What is it? What do you mean? Is it a hack? I hear you Yeah.

Glenn Howerton  14:15

So what else about this first episode that you guys remember? I remember I was extremely sick, shooting all those Philly scenes that year.

Rob McElhenney 14:22

Well, you were always in a state of sick in terms of like starving yourself eating.

Glenn Howerton  14:28

I don’t think I’m on that. But

Rob McElhenney 14:28

was that season? That season two because we do. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You haven’t lost your mind yet.

Charlie Day 14:35

Yeah, we’re all in the same trailer. And by trailer I mean closet one RAS one room one

Glenn Howerton  14:41

teeny tiny little room. And yeah, we were all stuffed in there. That was outrageous. That was outrageous

Charlie Day 14:46

things that we didn’t know we could ask for like an office

Rob McElhenney 14:50

to write the show. Yeah, we didn’t have an office. We didn’t have an office writing into the house. They didn’t have trailers. We don’t proper like yet dressing rooms or trailers or anywhere to go just a broom. When we shared, I didn’t

Charlie Day 15:01

own a computer until the second season. So we would write on your computer. I would write my shit out on a yellow legal pad and wrote

Glenn Howerton  15:09

a version of Charlie wants an abortion on a yellow legal pad. I did, didn’t you? I did at

Charlie Day 15:15

the Astra diner, I still have that legal pad. Do you turn into an NFT? You know, oh my god, I actually have fungible, I actually

Glenn Howerton  15:23

have a whole notebook of all of our original notes and some shorthand episodes written and yeah, all kinds of shit.

Charlie Day 15:30

Did we have an episode that we ended up scrapping? Yeah,

Glenn Howerton  15:33

I remember, it was one of the first episodes that I was writing. And it was an episode about sweet Dee dating a Middle Eastern guy, and us being convinced that he was a terrorist. Right? Just a typical, you know, Sunni, you know, profiling episode. Yeah, I don’t remember why we didn’t, why we ended up kind of maybe just wasn’t good. And it probably just wasn’t good enough. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I’d never written anything in my fucking life. It made no sense for me to be writing a television show. I still don’t know why I’m allowed.

Rob McElhenney 16:01

Maybe that’s why they didn’t give us offices.

Charlie Day 16:05

You guys know they’re doing their own thing.

Glenn Howerton  16:07

I mean, I definitely did not know what I was doing at all.

Rob McElhenney 16:10

It’s crazy. Do you feel confident about writing an episode this year? Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn Howerton  16:14

Do a little bit of a better idea of how to do it. But still not totally sure.

Charlie Day 16:21

How about when we all got to know each other? Because people ask me this from time to time. Like, when did you guys get to know each other? And I no longer know.

Glenn Howerton  16:29

I do. I do.

Charlie Day 16:31

I remember meeting you rob on a on a flight. We both being flown out to test for pilot. Glen, I have no idea when I met you.

Glenn Howerton  16:40

I don’t know. Your everlasting.

Charlie Day 16:43

Yeah, I do. Talk ever last time.

Rob McElhenney 16:46

I met you. I thought that’s when I might we were all there at the same time as Chris. Every guy that was living in New York City.

Glenn Howerton  16:56

I remember I walked back to NYU or somewhere with Chris Blaha after that audition.

Charlie Day 17:01

Yeah. Wait, then I walked with you. Because I remember walking like to like Subway with blah, blah. And maybe you You don’t remember me? No, I remember you. But like, that’s such a vague. You know, that’s not a big

Glenn Howerton  17:13

complaint. I was taller and much more striking.

Charlie Day 17:16

And then, and then what? But when did we hang again? I told her

Glenn Howerton  17:20

well, so So you and I both audition for that ad show. And we came out to LA and we tested and what happened was we both tested for it. I was testing though, for one character. And you were testing for like my best friend. Yes. That’s correct. And then you it’s actually funny because I remember you were like, I gotta get you were like going back to your hotel or something. You were like, I gotta get back to my hotel. And I guess I’m gonna call a cab and I was like, I’ll drive you and you and you were like, Yo, you have a car. I was like, yeah, they gave me they gave me a rental car like they did. Your you’re like surprised that they will.

Charlie Day 17:52

Oh, okay. You gave the best friend character. The rental car.

Glenn Howerton  17:55

Yeah, exactly. Right. I remember we were driving away from the fox lot, which is so crazy. Driving down Pico. I get a call from my agent Stephanie Ritz at the time endeavor. And you were also with endeavor, Stephanie calls me she’s like, You got it. You’ve got the part. And I was like, Oh my God. That’s incredibly shit. I just booked the lead in a half hour comedy. That’s amazing. And I was like, You know what, actually, Charlie’s right next to me. You got any news for him? Yeah. And she was like, there was like a little pause. And then she was like, Yeah, petroleum. And then I just heard and I handed you the phone and I heard you like, Uh huh. Yeah. Uh, huh. Yeah, no, that’s, that’s cool. Yeah, you were tested for like 16 files.

Charlie Day 18:37

Yeah. By then I was like this. What you do you go you read? They think you’re weird. And then and then you lose and then you lose. Okay. Rob, I have a distinct memory of you and I. So I used to record those IFC. Oh, God, things. Come up on IRC. It’s stereo era juntos butter. So being at a place called buzzies. on Melrose, right, did all the things and you met me? We had coffee across the street from buzzes and we had a conversation about like, we should just make our own fucking thing because we’re sitting around waiting for.

Glenn Howerton  19:11

But was that after we had been hanging out at your apartment with you? And Jimmy Simpson, and you guys showed us all those really super weird in camera edited movies that you guys made in New York City, you and Jimmy Simpson and Nate Mooney and David Hornsby and Logan. Logan, Marshall green, made all these super weird, really fucking funny, short movies. And I remember I remember sitting there watching those with you, Rob. And both of us were like, Oh my God, this shit is so fucking funny.

Charlie Day 19:41

You know that. It’s like, it was the 2000 equivalent of TiC TOCs or like, right, you know, like YouTube videos. Like there was no YouTube so we just

Glenn Howerton  19:51

it was just for you guys. To show your friends. Yeah, just But Jimmy did put a couple up on YouTube and I stand by them. I think they’re super fun. Yeah, I think so. But

Charlie Day 20:00

let’s have that conversation I don’t remember where the timeline and happen but it was very early yeah for we were actually doing the show.

Rob McElhenney 20:07

Yes. Before we were doing the show and I was like writing screenplays and like, try again. I remember that

Glenn Howerton  20:11

I remember distinctly going over to Charlie and Jimmy’s apartment with a bunch of actor friends of ours doing reading, like, well known, I’m sure like, I mean, I know it was like a bunch of well known people. Yeah, but

Charlie Day 20:23

chino. Yeah, for Chino was there Yeah. De Niro was there

Glenn Howerton  20:27

and then you knew Paul Thomas Anderson’s? Yeah,

Charlie Day 20:30

he was there. Yeah, correct.

Glenn Howerton  20:32

I had booked I had booger there. No, but I remember like sitting around and doing it like a quote unquote, table read like just a round table read of Billy Gene. Yeah. Billy Gene. Yeah, yeah. Did Lynn Collins play Billy G? Yes. Yes.

Charlie Day 20:46

That’s right. Yeah.

Rob McElhenney 20:48

Billy Gene is something I wrote with with Bacchus with Bacchus. Yeah. And I remember it being pretty funny. And yeah, I was like, Oh, it was good. We can do this. But then it’s so hard to get anything through to the machine. So you’d send it to somebody and they’d be like, I’ll read it. And then three weeks later, they just forget about it. And that’s the end of it. And so then you you know, watching Charlie’s home movies. I was doing like what the fuck why are we waiting for somebody else? Let’s just make it ourselves.

Charlie Day 21:10

Yeah, so the British office the like, yes, the running gun look of that. The cheap the cheap look of it Yeah. To be like, Oh, right. And curb. And curb. Yeah. And the invention of that Panasonic dv x 100 day. Like that camera looked like those shows? Yes, it

Rob McElhenney 21:30

was the first time that you could have like a consumer grade camera that didn’t look like a videotape like VHS and look like closer to what we understood as film. And so we thought oh, wow, we can fake this a little bit better.

Charlie Day 21:43

Yeah, so it was like the difference between like those homies as doing with Jimmy, he was doing those were shooting those on like little tiny Sony digital thing then he’d gotten the money from that Amy Heckerling movie loser he had a big part in that and he put like all his money into like, renting apartment that like the landlord was a crackhead. It was above of grace but pie it’s not like hot dogs. And and this and this video camera, but then the Panasonic you shot something and you’re like, but this looks Yeah, I mean,

Rob McElhenney 22:16

like a TV show like a TV show. Right? Right. This looks professional. Yes, of course. You look at it now and it looks like after Hulu trash shows always looked at the time it really felt like wow, we’re we can make something look good. And that

Charlie Day 22:28

look spilled over into the pilot that was shot with FX.

Glenn Howerton  22:33

Yeah. And I remember us insisted we were like we came in, you know, guns blazing. We were like, This is how we want to shoot the show. And every director, everybody would talk to me like that’s fucking crazy. Can’t shoot it that way. That makes no sense. We’re like, well, we can because we just did we did with nothing with no resources. Just no lights, no marks, no lights, no marks Did you know and we even resisted in that whole first season, we did not allow our director of photography to put marks down. I think most people know what that is at this point, probably but a little

Charlie Day 22:59

piece of tape you put on the ground with the actor is supposed to stand because the light is perfect for the other lights, right? You got to be in focus, lock the other actor in the shot

Glenn Howerton  23:09

right? Or you’re not going to catch the other camera if you got two cameras rolling or whatever. But I remember the main thing people took exception to was that we wanted to shoot three cameras at all times. We have one person shooting wide shooting a wide master. And then if it was a two person scene, we had somebody shooting you know, save as a scene between me and Robin, maybe one camera on Rob one camera on me and one camera shooting the master even as

Rob McElhenney 23:30

at the time we were making our thing. And then we would we would shoot right and then we’d go and we’d look at it cut together and we’d be like, something’s weird. They’re just looking at each other. But it looks like one’s looking in one direction. One’s looking in the other. We had to figure out in real time. We didn’t know the lines. Yeah, like we just didn’t know. He just started doing it. And now and I don’t remember that. Yeah, I thought I don’t remember. In fact, yeah, if you look at the first one, there’s some weird eyeline things that don’t make any sense across. We didn’t know why. Because we had no fucking idea what we were doing. Yeah.

Glenn Howerton  24:03

Yeah. Also, we were not shooting it to sell it. I don’t know where your head was at. But I know for me, I was like, Oh, I just want to shoot a funny home movie. Like what Charlie and those guys did in New York and just just to show people to make my friends laugh. And in my mind was like we’re shooting like this little short film thing. And then I remember we looked at it we were like, it’s weird. It feels like a TV show. Yep. Because that was not the original intention. No, no,

Rob McElhenney 24:24

it was something all the way

Charlie Day 24:26

concern. We were with white balancing. Oh, yeah, it was like we got a white balance. We got to wipe out these cameras man. This is everything otherwise two shots on like the same.

Glenn Howerton  24:36

Oh my god. That’s right. Well, at least we had the presence of mind at least we knew how to do that. We

Charlie Day 24:40

didn’t know we make it sound like we didn’t know anything. But we like we knew some

Glenn Howerton  24:44

Oh, just the bare minimum. We

Charlie Day 24:46

had a boom. We know enough to have a boom.

Rob McElhenney 24:49

No we didn’t have we had a directional mic that we turned into a boom, boom.

Glenn Howerton  24:54

We had a directional mic hanging from a broomstick. Yeah,

Rob McElhenney 24:57

it was a broom.

Charlie Day 24:58

We had a broom I said But did you hear what you guys have for breakfast? This is what they want to hear about the show. This one is kind of shit. The Rock would say what he had for breakfast. I had nothing. You didn’t eat anything for breakfast now.

Rob McElhenney 25:24

What’s the what are you? You’re wondering why you’re you ever you’re having stomach problems. What time did you eat for the first time today?

Charlie Day 25:29

I for the first time today when we had lunch. Charlie, did you have coffee? I had a ton of coffee. Yeah, yeah, but coffee doesn’t really bother me Sonic. Cheese. No, she’s just she made this clear. You can’t drink coffee. I just sometimes I’ll have breakfast but today I did. run out the door. Okay, you know? What? What? What do you bench

Rob McElhenney 25:54

my bench has gone down significantly since COVID. Got up. I got up there. But

Glenn Howerton  25:59

I think yeah, I have no idea. No idea what I can bench. No clue. Three chairs.

Rob McElhenney 26:03

I think it’s okay for a 44 year old man not to know what he can bench.

Glenn Howerton  26:07

I think you 45 I’m 45 Yeah, I wasn’t gonna say CZ. Cut that cut that 45 Cut that. Cut that.

Charlie Day 26:20

I got that. How old were we when we started doing this?

Glenn Howerton  26:27

27 years old. I know. I was 27 when we shot the original home movie in 2008. When we shot the FX pilot.

Rob McElhenney 26:35

Yeah, right. So we like to think that we were like super young but we really weren’t now the Beatles had broken up by the time they were 26 Most people

Charlie Day 26:43

are better yourselves to the Beatles. We’re gonna have our time here.

Glenn Howerton  26:47

No, we’re gonna have a Hard Day’s Night. Oh, yeah, guys, most artists I would say probably done their best work by the time we started this show. They’re like well past it. We were just warming up.

Rob McElhenney 27:01

Like a lifetime ago.

Charlie Day 27:02

Never want to peak too soon. Because it was. Yeah, cuz it was

Rob McElhenney 27:05

we remember any any of it. But that’s the Pinot Grigio and the bourbon. For me. Pinot Grigio and bourbon. Well, I don’t mix them together. But there was a period of my life a good eight years where I drank Pinot Grigio and I don’t drink that anymore. I just drink bourbon now,

Glenn Howerton  27:20

do you? You sweat you Burmester bourbon I drink. I don’t know you to be a bourbon.

Rob McElhenney 27:24

I wasn’t a bourbon drinker until the until we all locked down for the global pandemic, okay,

Glenn Howerton  27:29

we don’t have to go into it on the podcast, but I want to hear about the Bourbons that you’re into. Are you super into it? Are you drinking like super

Rob McElhenney 27:34

intimate Noir? Yeah, no,

Glenn Howerton  27:35

I’ve got a couple of recommendations. Okay. Okay.

Rob McElhenney 27:37

Maybe there’ll be sponsors.

Glenn Howerton  27:38

Hey, yeah. You know, what I really have been into is rye whiskey.

Rob McElhenney 27:42

I drink some rye.

Glenn Howerton  27:43

I really like I don’t know what something about right? I don’t like it when my liquors are too sweet. So like a lot of tequila is or to Agave forward, if you will. Hmm. I want to dry experience. Some people do want to hear this, Joe.

Charlie Day 27:59

No, no, no, I’m sure they do.

Glenn Howerton  28:02

I’m just trying to talk about something.

Charlie Day 28:03

Yeah, I get it. 73 degrees out. I’ll say this today the via the available Wi Fi network is Fox and Friends. Just talking about your phone. Your phone, your phone. Well, guys,

Glenn Howerton  28:19

this has been fun. I like talking about whiskey.

Charlie Day 28:23

I thought Japanese whiskey. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Good. They’re making some good ones these days. Yeah, I went to Japan was awesome.

Glenn Howerton  28:30

Okay, yeah. Cool. You still cats? Yeah. I don’t want one of those cats is still alive. Yeah. Being still alive. 19 years old. That’s in sage. She’s old to shit. Yeah, yeah. Wow. I

Rob McElhenney 28:45

remember you getting those cats.

Glenn Howerton  28:47

Yeah, I’m surprised she hasn’t had heart attack from the dogs at this point. Honestly,

Charlie Day 28:52

that’s tough thing like 810 years into cat let’s bring in two dogs. Yeah,

Glenn Howerton  28:56

bring in a couple dogs and yeah, they just want to gobbler up. Cats like WHAT THE FUCK THE FUCK? Yeah, she is really funny. Every time she takes a shit she’s like want to get that? Oh, this no getting a check at this point. It’s like a 19 Everything’s gonna fucking but it like something every time she takes a shit. She’s like

Rob McElhenney 29:25

Oh, have you talked to get checked? Have you talked to a vet about this man? Is she in pain?

Glenn Howerton  29:30

I don’t know what she’s doing. She might be an ecstasy. Listen, she might. She might be an ecstasy guy. She might be an extra. So

Rob McElhenney 29:39

you’re saying you can’t tell the difference whether a female is in pain or an ecstasy. Are they the same?

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