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Welcome back to our episode-by-episode recap/review of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Charlie Day (Charlie), Glenn Howerton (Dennis) & Rob McElhenney‘s (Mac) “The ‘Always Sunny’ Podcast.” After checking out “The Gang Gets Racist” (review) and “Charlie Wants An Abortion” (review), it’s time to look at what the trio had to say about S01E03 “Underage Drinking: A National Concern.” With there being a lot to this episode that reminded me of the previous episode, I have a theory I need to share. First, let me just say that it was another episode where we learned a lot about Day, Howerton & McElhenney on a personal level and also some very cool facts about the series overall. But as an episode offering a look behind the curtain on the inaugural season’s third episode, it was a bit lacking- and I think I know why. Considering it’s been 15+ years and when I hear things like them not knowing the order episodes were written & filmed and things like that, I’m getting the impression they may not remember a whole lot about the first season. Again, that’s more than offset by what I mentioned before, but if you’re looking at these initial episodes to be a deep-dive dissection of what made each episode tick? You might have to wait until they start covering the second season. My one recommendation, though? There were a few moments this go-around where the three of them were talking over each other a bit too much and it cut off some funny stuff from coming across clearer.
S01E03 “Underage Drinking: A National Concern”: The third episode of the first season was actually the second-to-last episode written, and also the quickest. McElhenney is not a big fan of this episode, saying it’s isn’t the kind that would get him to watch the show. Howerton and Day liked the episode, and that led to a conversation about how it represented the importance of them having conversations apart from the episode to help bring the episode together. Howerton brought up and all three agreed that Kaitlin Olson (Dee) put on a “clinic” in drunk acting. Howerton again stresses the point that The Waitress’ (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) name is not Nikki Potnick and that the name tag scene in S07E12 “The High School Reunion” was meant as a joke about how no one knows The Waitress’ name (sorry, internet conspiracy theorists).
Everything Else: Okay, once again you might want to get your brain into the crash position because a ton of ground was covered- here are some of the highlights:
It looks the podcast will never have Michael Jordan, Michael B. Jordan, or pretty much any “Jordans.” It also doesn’t look like there will be a formal intro coming any time soon, but on the plus side, we were treated to Howerton’s “splash of manic” side (with a little coffee to fuel his ride).
If you get a chance, go back and listen to how masterfully Howerton brought McElhenney & Day back to the reality that they did a bit more drinking during production over the years than they were remembering. It sounded like it was more of a cross between “straight edge” and “Mardi Gras.”
Was it just me or did they have way too many stories about dead bodies to discuss? And I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like there were others but there just wasn’t enough time (or legal clearance?). There were way more “Stand By Me” vibes going on here than we expected.
Best Moment: When Howerton steps in as an impromptu “host” to ask Day and McElhenney about their underage drinking experiences, and then Howerton calls them out for not asking him about his experience. Day and McElhenney admitting that they were ready to move on and that Howerton was right about them not asking got a quality out-loud laugh from me.
A student at the very problematically-named Jefferson Davis High School, Howerton shared how he accidentally hung himself in a barn as part of a practical joke that he and his friend were pulling on others. Howerton’s hanging was so convincing (because it was real) that his friend literally shit his pants upon finding him. Happy holidays, people.
And while there were a number of potential contenders, this week’s sponsor is… “Education: Please Fucking Get One.”
Now here’s a look back at the two newest teasers and official trailer for FXX‘s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
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