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Given that Danny DeVito only had a limited window of time on set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the environment was a stressful one on-set.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would not be the same without Danny DeVito. His presence on the TV series contributed heavily to the show's popularity. Executives did not have very high hopes for the show initially. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia became the longest-running live-action sitcom in TV series in history.
That is quite an accomplishment. However, they decided to give the show a chance to grow its audience. The show hit the airwaves in 2005. FX was a network known for its spicy and steamy dramas like Nip/Tuck, the cop procedural drama, The Shield, and dramas such as Rescue Me. The show went against the network's brand somewhat. Comedies had not fared well for FX.
Now the show has an official podcast, YouTube Channel with three-hundred-sixty-seven thousand subscribers, and its own pop culture following.
There is no doubt they are grateful they chose to give the show a chance. Good call executives!
After the first season, and its near cancelation, the President of FX, John Landgraf, wanted to introduce a new character. They were actually seeking someone to play Dee's (Kaitlin Olson) and Dennis's (Glenn Howerton) father, Frank. The intention was to rescue the series. Landgraf knew he needed to bring an actor with a big enough name to draw audiences.
The cast was well aware that the show's season two was predicated upon them acquiring the big name.
The President decided to approach one of his good friends, Danny DeVito. Since DeVito's children were fans of the show, DeVito concluded to join the show. Since the veteran actor loved the experience so much, he joined the cast as a regular character.
The show's production is relatively inexpensive. The opening credit footage was shot by simply riding around Philadelphia at night for two hours. Characters repeat clothing choices. Some music is selected from stock libraries. Actors hired on the show come from a pool of cast members' friends. The original TV pilot only cost two hundred dollars in fact.
Any TV executive would be elated to have such low production costs. Production on the show is not always so easygoing, however.
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Danny DeVito is a well-known activist. That could be the reason that Danny DeVito's availability made the most challenging couple of weeks for the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia production crew.
During season two filming of the show, Danny DeVito was available for only twenty days. Since DeVito was cemented as a cast regular, the entire shooting schedule had to surround DeVito's limited availability. This meant the cast and crew had to work on all ten episodes of the show in one day, every day.
Everyone said choosing Danny DeVito "just made sense." Many of DeVito's roles are simply iconic.
Actors find their characters in their own ways. DeVito began fleshing out Frank Reynolds by asking a lot of questions. The creator and star of the show, Rob McElhenny admits that he did not have answers for DeVito. While McElhenny admits to "winging it", DeVito, nonetheless, gleaned everything he needed after about fifteen minutes.
Rob McElhenny's new beefy bod garnered a lot of attention. McElhenny's creative shine on the small screen is cemented at this point. He also has a new show on FX called Wrexham.
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McElhenny went from struggling actor, to show runner, to soccer team owner. Naturally, McElhenny saw the opportunity to turn his new opportunity into a content. Since he linked up with Canadian superstar Ryan Reynolds to purchase team, the documentary Wrexham debuted on FX as one of the most in demand shows.
McElhenny's creative decisions chose to eat mounds of junk food as well as travel to opposite extreme and get absolutely shredded. Fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia eagerly await what McElhenny and ohas in mind for the show.
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FX teases what the show has to offer. We find the characters in Ireland. The network calls the fifteenth season of the show it's most ambitious to date. The network promises that the cast will tackle current day issues like the effect of the pandemic on their business, milking pandemic aid, and getting in touch with their roots. This season is only eight episodes to some fans' disappointment. However, they cannot wait to see what's in store.
The network promises that this season will be full of laughs, but also impact the audience on a "deeply personal level". The plot focuses on the cast trying to "evade" justice. This promise from the network explains that the usual hilarity will certainly ensue.
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