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October 28, 2022
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star and South Philly native Rob McElhenney throwing out the first pitch at a Phillies game as Chase Utley looks on.
An unexpected occurrence this Halloween season: a Phillies World Series run. Halloween is a pretty important date in franchise history, as it the Phils' 2008 World Series parade was held on Oct. 31. Good times indeed. The Fightins will host their first World Series game in 13 years on Monday, Halloween night. It's time to showcase the demonic energy of Philly to the whole baseball world.
If you're heading down to Citizens Bank Park on Monday or perhaps going to a Halloween party during Games 1 and 2 of the World Series this weekend, it could be a great move to have a Phillies-themed costume. Let's run through some options…
"The World Series Defense" episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is iconic. There are a couple of nice Phils costumes you could take inspiration from in that one. If it's a super-last minute costume, painting "GO PHILS" on your chest and wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt like Dennis gets the job done:

The Green Man beats the Philly Phanatic any day of the week

That costume duo would be a "real home run."
One of the first "cool" movies my dad let me watch when I was younger, "The Warriors" is a classic. Among the many street gangs of New York City, there are "The Baseball Furies," a group that gets decked out in baseball uniforms and face paint while wielding bats:

The music in that movie is really unbelievable. 
Get your friends together, maybe throw on some Phillies jerseys instead of the colors they're sporting and get ready for that Halloween kickback. 
Before the Phillie Phanatic took his rightful place as the best mascot in sports, the Phils had a different approach with their mascot situation: Phil and Phillis. The animatronic duo were the team's mascot from 1971 to 1979 (the Phanatic debuted in 1978). 

#Phillies Vet Stadium Phil and Phillis!
After the mascots were no longer in use, they made their way to Storybookland in Egg Harbor Township. 

There's a clear Revolution-era idea at play here. Maybe if you've had a Ben Franklin-like costume in the past, you could repurpose it here. Not everyone would get what you're going for here, but it's a nice hat tip to old-school Phillies fans. 
Remember the terrible glory of sitting in the 700 level of Veterans Stadium watching a medicore-to-bad Phillies team slug through the summer? What I loved about that era of Phillies fandom was the themed fan sections. You had the "Wolf Pack" for Randy Wolf, the "Duck Pond" for Brandon Duckworth and more. Grab some friends and buy a wolf mask or a duck nose and cheer on the Phils. Can you imagine how confused the FOX broadcasters would be on Monday if there was a row of Phillies fans in wolf masks? It'd be amazing.

I throw an annual Halloween party at my apartment. I scheduled it for Friday a couple of months ago. I obviously did not think the Phillies would be playing in the World Series that night, so I had to call an audible on my costume. I am no longer dressing up as Argyle from "Stranger Things." I'm going full Wolf Pack mode:

scheduled a Halloween party at the apartment for Friday months ago. obviously did not expect it to double as a World Series party.

had to adjust my costume accordingly.

Did I pay a little too much for that Randy Wolf jersey? Yes, but I can't imagine there are many Randy Wolf jerseys in existence that are in my size, so I pounced on it while I could. Look at that inaugural CBP season patch too! I have a couple of lazy friends who don't put as much effort into these insane things as I do and who will now be joining in with wolf masks of their own. We're channeling Vet vibes here.  
For a modern spin on fan groups, there's Jean's Jeans in honor of Jean Segura:

get Jean's Jeans to the playoffs.

Put on some overalls or go full Canadian tuxedo to support the Phils' clutch-hitting second baseman. 
However this weekend plays out for the Phillies and their fans, it'll be anything but boring knowing this city:


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