Go Birds

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The gang from Always Sunny in Philadelphia are invited to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. They head out, excited to watch their favorite team in the big game.

At the party, they start to notice that all around them, people are becoming increasingly hostile. It turns out that the two rival teams were both invited to the same Super Bowl party.

Tensions quickly escalate and it looks like it might end in a fight. But then Dennis steps in with an idea – why not have both teams face off in their own mini football game? Everyone takes his suggestion and the two teams start to get ready for match.

The game is close until Charlie steps up with a Hail Mary pass that is caught by Mac for an unlikely touchdown! Everyone erupts in celebration and even the two rival fan bases come together to congratulate each other on a fun and entertaining game.

Afterwards, everyone watches as their favorite team takes home

‘The Gang Gets Infected’